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UAERLVT - Business Associations Union of Lisbon and Tagus Valley Region 

UAERLVT aggregates four business associations (NERSANT, NERLEI,  AERLIS and AERSET) who work in several areas in order to support the business environment. UAERLVT mission is to promote the economic development in the regions concerned and the creation of sustainable activities in those regions. 



The Technological Institute FCBA
results from the fusion of the CTBA with AFOCEL, is an Industrial Technology Center (established in 1952) which has the mission to promote the technological progress of enterprises, especially of the ones belonging to the sectors of Forestry, Cellulose, Timber- construction and Furniture. 

Th furniture pole aggregates about 51 employees, experts in the sector of furniture products and their components, for the residential sector and for the business sector. The pole offers different ways to help the furniture industry to develop themselves and become more and more competitive. 



CSM - Experimental Center of Furniture is an association of companies in the furniture sector. CSM was founded in 1982 to support and provide training to the furniture sector companies, working on the field of research, promotion and training. In the present, CSM activity moves around the promotion, internationalization, innovation and training. 

Professionals' Chamber of Thessaloniki was founded in 1925 and is a legal entity governed by public law. The chamber has 53,000 members who are engaged in the sector of trade, service provision and tourism. The activities of the Chamber include: researches for the scientific process and study of its institutions, participation in programs and initiatives aiming at the professionals’ information and support, development or/ and improvement of its members’ competence. 

Technological Center of furniture and wood of Murcia Region (CETEM) is a non profit research organization. Created in 1995, is the only one Furniture Sector Technology Centre in Murcia Region. The Technology Center is used to support the development of furniture sector companies, is also recognized as a Innovation and Technology Center (CIT), as a OTRI - Research results tranfer office and as a PIDI - official information point from the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade. CETEM is the first Technological Center of furniture and wood, on a national scale, that achieved the certification UNE 166002. 

Wood Cluster of NW Croatia has been founded in 2005. The cluster is organised as an Association of SME's and institutions.  The main activities of he Cluster are focused on the furniture industry, especially R&D – development of new products, transfer of technology know-how, certification, branding and marketing/promotional acitivities.  Cluster acts as an Association open to all enterprises, public institutions willing to work on development of he wood industry. The vision oft he Cluster is to become an Expert Center for the Wood and Furniture industry for the region of NW Croatia.