The project aims to develop and transfer tools in the field of Eco Design applied to the furniture industry. Several tools already exists in the project partners countries, the first project phase will: 

 • Carrie out a comparative analysis of tools already available;  

 • Carrie out a research to understand the level of the state of the art in the field of eco-design; 

 • Review existing practices, tools, methods, and others; 

 • Develop a tool box available to companies that need to update or develop skills in the field of eco-design.


Eco-design is a rewarding process that consists on taking account environmental issues at all stages of the life cycle of a product: designing, production, distribution, use and lifetime optimization. 

Turn available to companies in the furniture sector all our knowledge and know how in a spirit of sharing and cooperation. 



                     OPTIMIZATION OF THE COSTS 

                                    REDUCING ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT 

                                                DESIGN / COMPETITIVENESS